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No pony left behind. A Starlight Glimmer fic.
After being chased out of her town by the very ponies she was trying so hard to help, Starlight Glimmer wandered in the mountainside cave she had taken refuge in after her battle with Princess Starlight.
She wasn't sure where she was going from here but one thing was for sure, she wasn't leaving without him.
Deep in the cave, Starlight was sitting near her recently made fire, trying to stay warm and brooding about the events of the day. "Soon as it's dark," speaking out loud to herself, "I'm coming back for you."
Some time later, after Starlight was sure everypony was asleep, she got up and started heading for the cave entrance. She was sure the princess wouldn't have any guards posted there, nopony would expect her to ever come back, not after the beating she just received. Starlight was sure that everypony thought she was well on her way from here.
"Well, they were half right." she whispered. "I am going to be leaving here but not just yet. I have some unfinished business to take car
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Starlight Glimmer, the beginning.
Starlight Glimmer wasn't always a villain. Once she was a pony full of promise. What happened that turned her into the pony we know today? This is her story......
Starlight Glimmer was a young pony full of promise.
A unicorn born to a good family in the city of Canterlot, the capital of Equestria, she was blessed with all the advantages a pony could have.
From as far back as she could remember, Starlight was always fascinated with magic. She wasn't what anypony would call a natural at it but she was dedicated and enthusiastic and those two traits boosted her to the top of the class in the study of magical arts. A fact that her teachers did not fail to notice.
One of the happiest times for young Starlight was when she got her "cutie mark". Being taught, as young fillys were, that your cutie mark was a sign of a pony's "special talent",  Starlight was sure that hers would relate to magic and she was right. Her's was a bi-colored star and what looked like two swirling magical auras.
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